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Council Members

Waterford Council members change annually - Please email

Club Executive:



Mark Breen


Immediate Past President 
Keith Palmer


Hon. Sectretary
Gary Falconer

Incoming President
Brian Tynan


Hon. Treasurer
David Breen


Service Projects:


CommVoc Chair
Michael Thompson


International Chair

Douglas Baxter


Youth Activities

Joe Kenny

Club Public Relations


Communications Chair 
Kjell Nolke


Club Photographer 

Kjell Nolke


Kjell Nolke


Elected Council Members


Orm Kenny

Kathleen Fitzgerald

Gary Falconer

Kjell Nölke

Joe Kenny



Club Committee Chairpersons


Membership Chair
Kathleen Fitzgerald


Inter Club 
Orm Kenny


Kyran Curley

The Rotary Foundation



Foundation Chair

Joe Byrne



Club Administration


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