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South East Simon

A registered charity dedicated to supporting people homeless and at risk of homelessness in Waterford and the South East
What do Simon Do?


—South East Simon has a vision of the South East where everyone can have a home for life.


—Its mission is to help people find a home and to support people to keep their home.

Support to Live Independently



  • —SLI aims to support homeless people to move from homelessness

  • —to sustain independent living and —to re-integrate into the local community.

  • —It helps people to adjust to new circumstances through the provision of appropriate support, information and capacity building.

How do they help?


  • —By Providing Homes for Life.

  • —Teaching people the skills needed to maintain a home - budgeting housekeeping, being a good neighbour.

  • —Advocating on behalf of homeless persons.

  • — Sourcing appropriate accommodation and supporting people to move out of homelessness.

  • —Providing food to persons at risk of losing their home.

  • —Providing outreach to rough sleepers.

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