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Twins Cycle Everest

Helping Hand Waterford.
Waterford rotary Club
The Kenny Twins
Rhys and Jason
Cycle up Everest
8848m climb
On Stationary bikes
For Helping Hand

UPDATE  - 20th April 2020

This cycle was completed in 11 hrs by Rhys and Jason - an amazing feet of endurance and dedication. 


Over €2000 was raised on the day.!

Rhys and Jason Kenny are doing an endurance cycle 15th April on stationary smart trainers connected to computers which translate their effort into forward motion in Zwift, a virtual cycling world. They will be attempting to everest, i.e; to cycle up a hill multiple times in order to achieve a total of 8,848 mtrs of climbing, the same height as Mt. Everest. 


Their Dad Orm Kenny - thought this would be a good opportunity to raise a few quid for Helping Hand Waterford 

Please click on the Paypal link above. 

Any amount is accepted but we would love you to consider donating €15 for an average lunch. - or a few lunches if you can.

thank you kindly for your support.

Orm, Jason, Rhys Kenny and the Rotary club of Waterford.


Helping Hand Waterford, located in the heart of Waterford City, is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping those in need. With the dedication of our volunteers and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within our community. We provide a drop in centre serving hot meals, food, tea and coffee's 5 nights a week in St. Patricks Gateway Centre. In addition to providing hot meals, we also provide sleeping bags, tents, toiletries, clean clothing and advocacy support to all homeless, rough sleepers and those in need. In the months of November and December we run a shoe box and hamper campaign for families and individuals, the homeless and rough sleepers in order to try and make the festive season a little bit happier. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.

Due to the recent Public Health concerns re: Covid-19, Helping Hand Waterford has continued to meet the needs of the homeless and those people and families who are in emergency accommodation. Throughout this outbreak, Helping Hand Waterford has maintained a service, Monday to Friday at St, Patrick's Gateway Centre providing meals to those who have attended our service. Unfortunately, we have had to reduce our hours and normal operations to take into account, best practice to protect our clients and volunteers alike. Our new opening times, are 7pm to 7.30pm, Monday to Friday ONLY. Helping Hand Waterford is committed to fulfilling our service and serving those people who, in these times, need extra support and care. We would like to thank all those people, communities and businesses that support us in the work we do, now more than ever. Helping Hand Waterford will continue to reach out to those who need a helping hand.

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