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Roller Barrel Project

Rotary Rolls out the Barrels.

We intend that the elderly, women and children who collect water, even from the closest of water sources or supply will no longer need to carry it, by hand, on their backs, on their heads, or over their shoulders, by providing them with a simple push/pull 30 litre Roll-Along Water Barrel with a handle and rubber tyres.
So apart from the obvious advantage of not having to carry water, our Rotary Barrels also make it;

  • A lot quicker and easier to collect water

  • Much less strenuous and dangerous for children

  • Easier to collect more water than traditional methods

  • So the water collected remains in an sealed container

  • Reduced loss through spillage or further contamination

  • The opportunity for measured use rather than waste when pouring, offering economy of scale

  • Less trips per day/week to and from the water source

  • And gives the person time to do other things during their day




Many of these advantages may appear small, but the ongoing cumulative improvements they provide to the well being of these people and their livelihoods cannot be underestimated.

The Problem
The Solution
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